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Now it is our great pleasure to present our newly designed product-----Portable Solar Generator Systems.This series of solar panel capacity is from 40Wp to 160Wp that can generate power from 100W to 500W, please refer to the product photos below :

Product Application field: Conservation areas, remote homes, solar pumps, solar fans/TVs, small house generator system, caravan parks, farm tracks, yards, car parks, industrial buildings, airfields, adaptable for other applications e.g. road sign, illumination, harbor lighting, shore-based navigation lighting, and so on.

80W Small Solar System
Product Specifications:

Model Solar panel with brackets Solar Charge Controller Inverter
Solar GEL Battery with casing Partable Trailer Packing Size(cm) output MAX power G.W.(Kg)
SPG-40 12V 40Wp 12V 5A 200W 12V 45Ah x1 Included 115x32x54cm 30x65x10cm 200W 60
SPG-60 12V 60Wp 12V 5A 300W 12V 70Ah x1 Included 115x32x54cm 55x50x10cm 300W 70
SPG-80 12V 80Wp 12V 10A 400W 12V 100Ah x1 Included 130x40x60cm 70x60x15cm 400W 100
SPG-100 12V 100Wp 12V 10A 500W 12V 120Ah x1 Included 130x40x60cm 80x60x15cm 500W 130

1. Solar Panel: Mono Crystalline Type, Guarantteed for 25 Year Opertation

2. Solar GEL Battery: The battery is designed for high efficency of input and output, optimized for charge and discharge, with 5 years guarantee.

3. Systerm Input: This system can work both with Solar Panel and Wind Turbine, and Wind Turbine is not included.

4. System Output: This system can supply a power of 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz or 110V/60Hz AC Load together with 12V DC or 24V DC

5. Customer Customized Design is Welcome

6. Sample Delivery: We could only ship by air and courier the unit without Solar GEL Battery since this type of batteries is banned by air shipping company.

7. Payment Term: T/T or L/C

MAX Design:

Solar panel : 200watt(100watt*2)

Solar charge controller : EPRC-20A-12V-single chanel-with overcharge and overdischarge protection.

Battery : 200AH 12V

Inverter : 24V-1000watt(50HZ/60HZ,220V) / 12V-500watt(50HZ/60HZ,220V)

Design max load : 1000watt /500watt

Design use time in one day : 100watt*15hours or 200watt*7hours or 50w*24hours

Continuous cloudy time: 48hours

Note : the figures are based on irradiation at 7.5kwh/m2/day, if the irradiation is lower than that,the use time in one day should be lower accordingly

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