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Sample and MOQ Policy Revision
2011-07-15 10:52:03
Dear valued visitors and customers:
For the last month, we have been brainstorming ideas to improve our service to meet and exceed your expectations. We have come up with solutions like:
1. Redefine our core competence as a manufacturer;
2. Simplify the product lines to make it as lean as possible;
3. Focus on most popular products and invest more resource on them;
4. Introduce more machines to meet the ever-increasing market demand;
5. Improve workmanship for better quality.
With these methods, we are going to witness a significant improve on productivity and delivery time. Yet to make it more effective, here is some requests we propose:
1. The sample quantity is limited to 1 or 2 units for most products so that it is available to more customers in a very short time.
2. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each model is revised. Detail can be found below.
LED Tube: 50 units
LED Flood Light: 20 units
LED High Bay: 10 units
LED Bulb: 500 units
LED Spotlight: 500 units
LED Ceiling Light and Down Light: 100 units
LED Street Light Bulb (SS28 Series): 50 units
LED Street Light: 10 units
As a manufacturer, we keep trying to communicate with customers and suppliers to make every business simple, easy and convenient. We believe the requests above is a good way to best utilize our resource in order to provide better products and service.
As always, we thank you for your support for SinoStar Lighiting.

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