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Energy Calculator

Energy Calculator
2011-03-15 15:50:14

Energy Calculator

Energy Savings Calculator  

Change the values based on actual situation


Current Lights
LED Lights
Lighting Fixtures:  
Bulb Wattage:  
Bulb Lumens:  
Lamp Cost(US$):  
Labor Cost(US$):  
Number of Fixtures:  
Electrical Cost/kWh(US$):  
Average Daily Use(hrs):  
Days Use/Year:  
Investment for Replacement  
of the First Year(US$):  
Electric Cost  
per Month(US$):  
Electric Cost  
per Year(US$):  


Lifetime Cost Comparison: 

Current Lights
LED Lights
Energy Savings
1 year (US$):  
2 years(US$):  
3 years(US$):  
4 years(US$):  
5 years(US$):  

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