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Case Study

Case Study- Supermarket
2011-03-28 11:08:13


Supermarkets use lighted refrigerator and freezer cases to display a variety of foods and beverages. These cases account for nearly half of a supermarket’s annual electricity costs, with interior lighting systems using a quarter of the electricity required to operate the case. Nearly all commercial refrigerators and freezers use linear fluorescent lamps. Although fluorescent lights provide superior energy efficiency in many lighting applications, their use in commercial refrigeration is not ideal.

       The project demonstrated:

  1. Area:62,000 Sq. Feet
  2. Quantity: 1200pcs T8 fluorescent light
  3. Electricity costs: $.06 /kWh


Fluorescent lights in this application exhibit a reduced light output of up to 25% and uneven lighting on the products. These problems are a result of ineffective lamp operation at cold temperatures, the lack of optics to direct the light and poor configuration and mounting location within the freezers.

        The economic analysis as follow:

  1. Capital costs: 30W fluorescent light is about $15.(including starter and ballast $5)
  2. Energy costs: we use 1200pcs T8 fluorescent lights in the supermarket, 12 hours working a day.  We can easily know that the energy costs $94,608.00 for one year.
  3. Maintenance costs: each fluorescent light estimated at $8.  For 1200 lights the yearly maintenance cost is therefore $9,600
  4. Total costs: $104,223.00

        In addition to high economic costs, fluorescent light also have bad performs

  1. The fluorescent tubes breakdowns frequently and need to ballast.
  2. It often suffers the drop in light output under cold temperatures.
  3. Short service life is use less than 3 years.
  4. Containing mercury is harmful to people, sometimes appear flicking and buzzing.


T8 LED tube light may provide a better solution. LEDs also can be customized to provide several distributions of light to provide more even lighting across freezer shelves.  These differences mean that LEDs potentially can provide more efficient lighting.  In this issue, the 30W fluorescent tubes were replaced with a 12W T8 LED tube light.

         The economic analysis as follow:

  1. Capital costs: 12W T8 LED tube light is about $30.
  2. Energy costs: we use 1200pcs T8 LED tube light in the supermarket, 12 hours working a day. We can easily know that the energy costs$10,091.52.for one year.
  3. Maintenance costs: with lower annual maintenance cost saving of $4,800.
  4. Total costs: $14,921.52

T8 LED tube light not only energy savings but also high efficiency

  1. It is durable and no need to starter and ballast.
  2. Better performance at low temperatures.
  3. The LED tube light offer extremely long lamp life – 50,000 hours of use before considering replacement.
  4. No mercury or other harmful toxic ingredients. No flicking and no buzzing.
  5. Improve the light uniformity and visibility of merchandise inside supermarket freezers. 
  6. It can recyclable.


According to comparison, LED has a high stability, and it is a real environmentally friendly and energy saving product, the total savings is $89,301.48 for one year. The supermarket is very pleased with the light quality and the appearance of the LED tube light, and has identified additional applications for the product in order to increase its energy savings.

The payback comes in just one year (see the cumulative savings by year below). 

Costs of kilowatt hour


Labor cost to maintenance lamp


Fluorescent light price


T8 LED tube light price


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