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Case Study

Case Study-Parking Lot
2011-03-17 09:37:39


Commercial car parking lights are extremely important to maintaining a safe, secure facility.  Selecting and installing these critical fixtures requires careful attention to many factors that contribute to effective lighting and energy savings.  Such considerations as light intensity levels, glare reduction, lumens per watt efficiency, and optimal horizontal and vertical foot candle levels have to be carefully taken into account before making any purchase, as not only front-end pricing, but also lamp life and power consumption over long periods of time determine cost effectiveness.

The data demonstration as follows:

  1. Area: 85,000 Sq. Feet
  2. Quantity: 500pcs high pressure sodium 
  3. Electricity costs: €0.12/kwh.


High pressure sodium always is replacement every year. They had bad uniformity of road surface luminance. For safety reasons, the lighting in the car parks needs to be on 24 hours a day. This is a high energy user. The program used voltage reduction to reduce the energy consumed by the lights.

The economic analysis as follow:

  1. Capital costs: 35W high pressure sodium is about€18.
  2. Energy costs: we use 500pcs T8 fluorescent lights in the supermarket, 24 hours working a day.  We can easily know that the energy costs€55,188.00 for three year.
  3. Maintenance costs: each light estimated at €10.  For 500 lights the yearly maintenance cost is therefore €5,000.
  4. Total costs: €60,206.00

In addition to high economic costs, high pressure sodium also had deficiency

  1. Narrow-spectrum and bad color rendering.
  2. With the high temperature on the surface, can not touch.
  3. Voltage instability on the devastating high sodium.
  4. High pressure sodium light should be changed every year to maintain in car parking efficiency.


We used 12W T8 LED tube light replacement of 35W high pressure sodium to upgrade the car park lighting. If quality is your primary objective and you have the budget for frequent lamp replacements, T8 LED tube lights will prove an excellent light source for your car parking.  To ensure not only the brightest levels of lighting in your commercial car parking, but also the safest possible environment.

The economic analysis as follow:

  1. Capital costs: 12W T8 LED tube light is about €26.
  2. Energy costs: we use 500pcs T8 fluorescent lights in the supermarket, 24hours working a day.  We can easily know that the energy costs €18,921.60  for three year.
  3. Maintenance costs: with lower annual maintenance cost saving of €2,500.
  4. Total costs: €21,447.60.

T8 LED tube light not only energy savings but also high efficiency

  1. LED's high CRI (75 ~ 80), the road looks brighter, more comfortable, drivers felt more secure.
  2. Low temperature on the surface and less heat radiation.
  3. High stability and start quickly.
  4. Long life (can be extended to reduce maintenance and replacement time).


As mention above, we can easily know that use LED can savings of€38,758.40 for three years.  Car parking owners and operators have realized tremendous savings by retrofitting their conventional lighting with more energy efficient LED Tube Lights.  LED car parking lighting not only saves energy, they also contain no harmful mercury and have a life span of more than 50,000 hours.

The payback comes in just one year (see the cumulative savings by year below).

Costs of kilowatt hour


Labor cost to maintenance lamp


High pressure sodium price


T8 LED tube light price


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